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If all I did was help you eat the right foods, would it be worth it?

If all I did was help you avoid feeling too overwhelmed to start, would it be worth it?

If all I did was help you avoid wasting your time trying to figure out what to do, would it be worth it?

If all I did was help you feel focused and excited, would it be worth it?

If all I did was help you avoid falling off your plan, would it be worth it?

If all I did was help you avoid negative self-talk, would it be worth it?

Macro Meal Plan Memberships- 3 Options

FUNctional Meal Plan Memberships

The FUNctional meal plan is our most popular meal plan foundation.  We will show you that you don't have to dread your diet for it to work.

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Simple Meal Plan Memberships

We believe that great flavor and continuous variety in your diet play a giant role in successful nutrition and goal progressions for the long run.

Simple does not mean boring, and it will not be repetitive.

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Vegetarian Meal Plan Memberships

Knowing what to eat for optimum performance in LIFE can be TRICKY for any diet preference, especially vegetarians.

We create exciting and nutritious vegetarian meal plans without the use of meat or fish.

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See What Our Members Are Saying

I was introduced to Power Plans through a friend 5 months ago. Immediately, and I mean the first week I was seeing results with my appearance as well as my overall performance in the gym. I leaned out the way I wanted and kept my strength. Power Plans are easy to understand, execute, and absolutely delicious.


 I have learned to fuel myself both mentally and physically with the right food and use food for fuel. I've gained so much confidence in myself and my abilities. Nutrition is the key to success and I love that my nutrition is always on point with Power Plans.


My relationship with food was terrible and I was never happy and always putting myself down. Dana has helped me grow so much with this aspect. She has introduced me to new foods and I've seen amazing changes in my body. She taught me it's ok to EAT and stop starving myself.  I wasn't in a healthy place...and thanks to Dana, now I am. I'm happier, I feel better, I'm less stressed, and lifting heavier. Power Plans can, and will help you. Thanks Dana.


I'm going on 4 months of Power Plans and I've lost 24 pounds! Power Plans have introduced me to a different way of eating that is healthy yet still delicious! I'm learning so much and I feel so much better! I saw my belly fat melt away after just a few weeks. My clothes that didn't fit anymore, are now baggy! From the beginning I have had all my questions answered and the team walked me right through it! All the food is so easy to make and I love that there is always a recipe and I see other members posting pictures and giving ideas in our Facebook Group! There is so much support!


My desire to become more of a competitive athlete led me to search for improvements in my nutrition.  I needed proper, planned nutritional fuel to perform better and Dana and Power Plans have been able to provide me with just that. They really do make eating healthy easy- giving me a personal menu every week with the proper balance of fat, carbs, and protein that I need every day.  I'm eating cleaner and more focused food to get the most out of my training.  Thank you so much Dana!


Great Food & Incredible Results

Power Plans Nutrition has simplified my life and fueled improvements in my fitness.  As a busy professional in the health and wellness field, I love to cook and eat clean, but find it a drag to get myself organized.  Dana’s plans save me time at the grocery store, keep me efficient in the kitchen and have restored the fun in meal prep!  I look forward to the tasty recipes each week, the increased energy during my workouts, and above all, the results.  I love the way I look, the way I feel, and the sense of accomplishment I have with my plan each week. 


Power Plans is changing the game! I work a full-time job, go to school full-time, and train at Olympic lifting in between all that. Before I met Dana at Power Plans Nutrition, trying to meal prep was a time-consuming headache and most of my food ended up being either bland or boring. Power Plans has changed all of that! I now enjoy delicious meals throughout the week that  meet my nutritional goals, plus I actually enjoy learning how to cook new things now! Dana really takes her time to understand your nutritional goals and then crafts personalized meal plans each week to help you achieve them. If you're a busy person like me and don't like eating bland or boring food week after week, then give Power Plans a try! Eat good food while crushing your nutritional goals!


I’ve done so many diet plans over the years. Macros has always been my favorite due to the flexibility in what I can eat. My coworker would rave about how delicious the meals were in Power plans and I had to try it! PowerPlans is macro based and best part is, there’s no need to be on MyFitnessPal pal daily trying to figure out how different meals will fit within your macros. Since working with Dana, I love having flavorful meals each day to look forward to without having to be on MyFitnessPal. You can truly tell Dana cares about each individual and puts the work into making meal planning easy. Whenever I have a question about, she’s always quick to respond. Each week, I look forward to receiving my next plan. Nutrition is key to success! PowerPlans has been able to help me tremendously and I know it will help you too!


If you’re a competitive athlete, work a full-time job, a parent, enjoy cooking, love eating or all five like myself, Power Plans is for you! I reached out to Dana about a year ago looking for a solution to consistently meet my macronutrients and to take the guess work out of my daily meals. She said she could do it so, problem solved. Every week I get sent a personalized menu with my macro count for each meal, with recipes, and a grocery list and I take it from there. I get consistency in my macros and variety in my meals. Power Plans has it taken care of for me so I can consistently stay on track to reach my personal goals. Power Plans will give you the solutions, wether your goal is big or small.


Even just a month into Power Plans I could already see and feel the difference. After more than 6 months of post operative recovery and a sedentary lifestyle, I can say that becoming a member is easily worth the investment, and seeing my abs again is a nice bonus. Dana, thank you so much for showing me the power of nutrition and appropriate dieting in a cost effective, healthy, and user friendly way.



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