Why Cooking Is Dead

Why Cooking Is Dead

Many decades ago, almost every family had a farm and every meal was made from scratch.  Growing produce and raising animals was a way of life.  At a very young age, children were held responsible for farm and kitchen tasks.  After harvesting and processing plants and animals, the food was prepared and stored.  During this time, people were able to see the whole picture, and were very much connected to where their food came from. 

This not only taught humans that work was a part of life, but it took work to eat. 

Today, there is a great disconnect between people and their food.  To put it simply, food has lost its art.

In just a few decades people have little interest in cooking, have no clue what is in their food, and no knowledge where it came from.  Food now comes in a box, a wrapper, a bag, from a drive-thru window, or simply shows up on a plate in front of them.  This my friends, is not good. It is too easy to find anything you want to eat at anytime- day or night.  What matters to the majority now is how fast they can get food into their mouth, how little they can pay for it, and that eating will be instant gratification-every time.  Unfortunately, because of this wacky relationship millions of people have developed health problems and want to feel better.

As the percentage of people who spend time preparing meals at home shortens, our waistlines widen. The current way that the public views food is in need of a drastic change.

I challenge you right now to keep yourself and your family in the kitchen.

The Art Of Cooking- shopping for ingredients, experimenting with different flavors, combinations, and methods and enjoying the process of creating something from start to finish.  

A great start on your journey back to the art of cooking in the modern, busy world is a membership in Power Plans.  As a member, every week you will receive a full meal plan with new recipes, all calculated for your personal goals.  You will also receive a color coded shopping list, making this lifestyle sustainable in the modern world. 

I don't expect you to grow, raise, hunt and process your food, that is not the society we live in anymore.  But I know that we can do better than cereal, fast food, and frozen dinners.  I know that cooking seems intimidating and time consuming, but I promise you it is not when you do it the Power Plans way.  I do most of the work for you- from finding the tasty recipes, calculating your portions, writing your shopping list and making sure that it doesn't take too long to prepare...all the pieces to your success are in place, you simply make the food and enjoy it.  

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