How To DeFunk Yourself

How To DeFunk Yourself

 There was a time when you were on your A game.

I saw you hitting the gym after work instead of watching Netflix, eating salads instead of quesadillas, lugging around that jug of water instead of a frappe. 

What happened to you?

Well, you gave into your human nature and got lazy.  It happens to all of us.  One choice lead to another and now you're not feeling too great about yourself, you're in a funk.

Your A's dropped to C's but still- I don't believe you are a failure. 

All you need to do is DeFunk yourself, and its easier than you think.


Here's The 5 Steps How To DeFunk Yourself

1. Drink What's Free

As soda, juice, junky coffee drinks, and everything sweet and sugary have been more appealing lately your water consumption has decreased. 

Step one is super easy, and free.  I want you to drink a glass of water while reading this.  Think of water as more than quenching thirst, it is a nutrient necessary for body processes.  We lose fluids through, sweat, urine, skin evaporation, breathing, and stool.  These losses need to be replaced for optimal health.  Some of the functions of these fluids are digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature.  Water helps your kidneys transport toxins through urine, and helps skin look better.  Keep the fluids in your body balanced by staying hydrated, and you will feel remarkably better.  Have you drank your glass yet?  Cool, now head to your refrigerator and cupboards.

2. Kill Your Kryptonite 

As you've become more lax in your diet your cupboards now look like the cereal and cookie aisle.  It's time to KILL YOUR KRYPTONITE.   Highly processed foods are actually toxic chemicals completely detrimental to your well-being.  Throw away anything in your fridge, freezer, and pantry that has sugar, soy, wheat, gluten, pasteurized dairy, artificial trans fats, GMO grains, "flavoring", high fructose corn syrup, or aspartame.  You don't need any of that junk and keeping them around to look at is just a sick and twisted temptation.  

De Funking isn't just about removing, you want to add more GOOD to your life, so make sure you go to the next step.

3. Eat Real Foods

What are you going to eat now that you don't have your crackers, soda, and cinnamon toast crunch?  You're going to eat real food that has good energy giving nutrients.  Your very next meal of high quality food. Keep it simple.  Brown a pound of grass-fed beef, scramble a couple eggs, steam green vegetables, slice up an apple, grab a handful of raw nuts, make a smoothie and add spinach and a high quality oil like coconut, or avocado. Choose low toxin, high nutrient, unprocessed foods rich in key vitamins.  If you stick mostly to the perimeter of the grocery store you'll find most of the nutritious and delicious foods you need. 

Got some real food in ya now?  Time to connect yourself deeply, proceed to step 4.

4. Take Off Your Shoes

You're an electrical being.  And no, I'm not coming on to you.  

Electricity is required for the nervous system to send signals throughout the body and to the brain, making it possible for us to move, think and feel.  A disruption in electrical currents can lead to illness.

Stress continually depletes your body of electrons and disrupts electrical currents.  The Earth is electron rich and we can actually improve our energy by "grounding".   Grounding simply means to walk on the Earth barefoot, allowing free electrons in the earth to transfer to your body via the soles of your feet.  These electrons are potent antioxidants, and antioxidants decrease inflammation.  Chronic inflammation is responsible for virtually all diseases.  You've probably done some earthing before, but didn't realize it had a name, or health benefits.  All you knew was that it feels good to be barefoot in the grass, or on the beach.  So that is exactly want I want you to do, go barefoot. Do you have a dog or a child?  Take them to the park, the beach, or just the backyard and play together, without shoes.  It is ok if feels awkward, you're just not used to it. 

Life is naturally demanding and stressful.  It is time to recover properly.

5. Go To Bed!

During the day we encounter a lot of stressors that break down our tissues and cells. They are in the environment, in food, in the air, even something you thought was good for you- exercise, is a stressor.  Since you cannot avoid the breakdown, it's important to give your body the opportunity to do its job and repair itself.  Make your sleep a priority tonight and go to bed earlier than ever!  Without proper sleep there is no way to de funk yourself.  


We all get in a funk, but you don't have to stay there.  Sometimes we forget how important the basics are and become overwhelmed thinking we need a big change but we don't, we simply need to DeFunk.  

I know you can do it.


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