Power Plans Simple Monthly Membership

How it Works: 

    • Through an assessment we will look at a variety of factors to understand where you are now, and where you want to be in your health and body composition goals.
    • We will then be able to know how much you should eat and of what foods to powerfully support your body composition and health goals. 
    • Not only will you receive A meal plan that is personalized to you and your macronutrient needs, you can look forward to a brand new meal plan created for you EVERY WEEK.  Our members tell us it is  like Christmas.
    • As a supplement to your weekly meal plan you will also receive a corresponding color coded grocery list making the chore of grocery shopping so quick and easy!
    • We continue to support you with powerful communication and guidance in our weekly check-ins, daily text tips, and member only exclusive Facebook group.

    We create the BEST meal plans and from the Simple foundation we will be able to further personalize your plan.

    What is the Simple meal plan foundation?

    This is an amazing meal plan foundation.  We believe that great flavor and continuous variety in your diet play a giant role in successful nutrition and goal progressions for the long run.  Simple does not mean boring, and it will not be repetitive.

    Simple foundation is best for those who prefer simple meals as most meals and recipes with this foundation will have only a short list of ingredients.  Many meals are combining foods rather than a recipe; for example, one week you may have eggs and fruit, rather than a breakfast casserole with eggs, diced veggies, and spices like you would in our FUNctional meal plan foundation.

    • This food in your meal plan will be gluten free, dairy free, and utilize low inflammation foods.
    • Protein sources will be a variety of all meats (beef, chicken, turkey, fish, pork).
    • There is typically fewer steps to preparing your weekly meal plan with a Super Simple foundation so the average time to prepare your meal plan for the week is just 2 hours.


    Patience and Consistency are necessary to becoming a Power Plans member.

    A 12 week minimum commitment is required in every membership. 

    A $119 automatic payment is collected every 4 weeks.  If you wish to discontinue after the minimum commitment you may do so by cancellation.