What People Say

Meet Jessica- she LOVED the Vegetarian Meal Plan Foundation and here's her story.

I wanted to tell you a little bit about the results that I’ve seen with your help. To begin, I’ve always been very active. For the past six years, I’ve done CrossFit pretty regularly, run obstacle course races, hiked, rocked climbed, and more. Fitness was never the issue, however, I noticed that despite all of this, I was gaining weight.

In Feb of 2016, I got a hydrostatic body fat test down. (That’s the one where you lay back in the big tub of water and blow all the air out of your lungs.) It showed that I weight 131 pounds and was at 15.2% body fat. Two years later, the scale was showing me some pretty unhappy numbers, and I did the hydrostatic test again with the same company. This time, I weighed 134 pounds and had 18.2% body fat.

I was not happy. For most of my life, I’ve been between 125 and 128 pounds. Hitting and going over 130 pounds was a wakeup call. I realized that I couldn’t just assume that working out a lot would keep me at the weight I wanted. Worse, I realized that if I gained 3% body fat every two years, it wouldn’t take long before I was overweight or even obese.

I knew that the answer was my diet. While I didn’t eat Cheetos all day, I knew that there was a lot I could improve. I never paid attention to serving sizes or to macros. I just ate when I was hungry and had a handful of meals I fell back on all the time. This included a lot of carbs, because I’m trying to keep my meat consumption low.


When I got the results back from my test, I made a commitment to change. I could totally do this on my own through willpower and self-discipline, and…. Yeah, not so much. Three months later, the number on the scale hadn’t budged.


That’s when I finally made the decision that I needed help. I wanted to find someone who would literally tell me what to eat based on my goals and eating style. I had to go through several different people, but finally Ashley recommended you. I have to admit, I was nervous about paying someone to tell me what to eat. I was afraid I wouldn’t like the meals. Most of all, I was afraid that I would be hungry if I couldn’t eat what I wanted when I wanted.

I was super surprised to discover that I liked almost all the meals you programmed for me. They were super healthy and yummy. Weirdly, it also took a lot of stress out of my day to not have to figure out what to eat and knowing my meals were pre-made or that I had all the ingredients. Best of all, I was rarely hungry.


And then the numbers on the scale started going down. It was seriously like magic. I was eating good food. I wasn’t hungry, and yet I was finally (FINALLY) losing weight.


When the scale said 125 during one of my weekly weigh-ins, I was seriously worried that it was broken. I hadn’t changed anything about my fitness routine, only what I was eating. After six months on your meal planning service, I scheduled another hydrostatic body fat test.

When I arrived, the guy asked me what my goal was. I told him that I wanted to be at 15% body fat like I was two years ago. When I got out of the tub, he was grinning.

I didn’t make my goal. I beat it. I weighed 125.6 pounds and had a body fat percentage of 13.5%. He literally told me, “You don’t need to go down any more unless you want to walk on a stage and start flexing for a trophy.”


The craziest thing is that getting to this level wasn’t hard. We’re all told that losing weight has to be a terrible experience. You have to be miserable and hungry and eat almost nothing. On your plan, I was eating three meals a day, plus a snack, plus a protein shake. You even graciously let me nibble some bites of chocolate for dessert because I’m a hopeless sweet tooth. And yet, just by eating the right kind of food in the right proportions, I was able to obtain my goal.


And it really, truly is all because of you. I know this, because I tried and failed to get these results on my own. So thank you so much!